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What’s up guys and welcome to my latest blog series, Keys to Success where we talk about the key things needed to be successful in this day and age. In this first video I’m going to lay out the number one key to success on a social platform like YouTube.


  • Posting consistently allows you to build a fan base

People get to know you over time. Think of it like a relationship, it takes time to know someone and trust them, same with platforms like YouTube. The audience has to trust you and this only comes through repeated exposure. Also People need to know when to expect your videos. People are busy, and if they know when your videos are supposed to come out, you make it easier for them to make time to watch you. You can see what works with your audience and what they don’t like. This makes it easier for you to provide more value with your content. This leads to more trust, which leads to more engagement. Which is really good for you.

  • Posting consistently  keeps your skills sharp

You are always improving with each try. Practice makes better. You might not get it on the first, second or even 10th try. But the more you work on improving the quicker it will happen.

  • Posting consistently keeps you active

It is easy to get trapped from overthinking. Analysis paralysis is a real thing and it can damage you if you let it. I remember when I was first getting started I was focused on making sure I knew how to do everything that I wasn’t doing the one thing I needed to do. Put out work! Take advice from Shia and “JUST DO IT!” So what if its not perfect, put it out. Growth is important and you want your audience to grow with you. By focusing on perfection, you are robbing them of this growth. Don’t be a thief. Provide for your viewers not only good content but a good experience as well. The good thing about these keys to success is that it doesn’t matter what you do as these tips will help you no matter your goal. They can be applied to almost all situations. So hang in there, keep at it, and I guarantee that you will get results.

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Once again, my names DeAngelo. Thanks for sticking it out with me, and i’ll catch you guys in the next one. Peace!