Using Pinterest For Business To Create Sales

What started out as a simple visual bookmarking site has turned into one of the largest playgrounds for inspiration, creativity, and sales. Many, many people are selling entire catalogs of work/product through Pinterest with ease, and with the following tips you will be too.

Tip 1: Fill out and connect social platforms

Include your brand name and official web address in the profile section of your Pinterest profile, as well as any other connected social sites you may be a part of. This increased exposure will allow users to follow your links from your pins back to your other profiles to learn more about your offerings or your company. They can also follow links directly through to your webpage to purchase. This is a really good sales funnel to bring people into as they are actually choosing to learn more without you having to spend big bucks advertising.

Tip 2: Make your website Pinterest optimized

Before you go crazy pinning all over the place you want to make sure that when users click over into your website, their experience is smooth and seamless. You don’t want people jumping from Pinterest to an old outdated website from the 90’s. You want something that is clean, modern, and something that fits the type of image your brand is trying to represent. Also make it easy for people to share content from your website back to Pinterest. If you run a mostly product driven business there are several tools out there that allow for users to link to your product using Pinterest for other users to pin/follow. This sort of free exposure is a goldmine for product heavy industries and should not be overlooked lightly.

If you are worried that your website may not be what you want it/need it to be don’t worry. We here at DeAngelo Media Group can create stunning social media optimized websites to ensure that your brand is projecting the perfect image every time.

Tip 3: Create good looking content/images

While this may seem like a no brainer, it is absolutely essential that the content you create and put forth on Pinterest is high quality. Users will not want to interact with something that is low quality or not optimized for the site. This means making sure that your content looks good on both desktop (traditional) and mobile platforms. Many people access Pinterest during their downtime, and often using their smartphones. Make content that is both appealing to look in this format, but also easy to pick up and share.

Tip 4: Study what is working on Pinterest

Once again this may seem like an obvious tip, but you would be stunned to learn how many people don’t actually take the time to research properly. This is the most time consuming of the steps and is where a lot of beginner businesses fail. They see other more established brands killing it with Pinterest and think that they will have the same results without understanding the amount of work that went into it beforehand. The same way you have to research before you launch a business, the same way you have to research before you jump into social media.

Now this isn’t saying spend all of your time researching and not actually putting out content. Putting out content and actually taking steps to further your brand image is absolutely essential and without it your plans will fail. However, having a clear, researched plan sets you, and those around you, up for success.

Tip 5 & 6: Pin useful content | Be consistent

Tip 5 and Tip 6 are being combined here because they go hand in hand with each other. Make sure that the stuff you pin, re-pin, and share are useful to your selected audience. That is how you build up brand equity on the platform. Users see that you are posting creative, interesting, and helpful content and begin to follow you to learn more about what it is you do. The more you post and the more regularly you post the more people will come to expect of your brand. This is good momentum that you can use to drive traffic back to your own website or other social channels.

Now that you know the hidden strategies to make sure you are successful using Pinterest for business, get out there and kill it with Pinterest. My name is DeAngelo and thanks for reading. I have a variety of other posts that touch on a myriad of topics that may be of use to you. So stay a while and check them out. But as always, good luck!